Using rules that you define, allow patients to book and manage their own appointments.


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  • Seamless EMR integration
    Self-booked appointments appear in the EMR schedule in real-time. Appointments booked in the EMR can be seen by a patient in their Portal immediately.
  • Controlled Availabilities
    You decide what and when patients can book, based on a smart template system that integrates with your EMR schedule.

    Easily implement open access/advanced access and hybrid booking models
  • Custom Appointment Types
    Create an unlimited number of appointment types for individual providers and customize attributes like length, description, advanced check-in time, cancellation policy, reminder content and much more!
  • Patient Access
    Configure the portal for invite-only access, or optionally enable guest or new patient access. Access can be adjusted for individual patients.

  • Save Administrative Time

    Allow your staff to focus on higher value clinical activities with the time saved by implementing our comprehensive e-booking solution

    Improve Service Quality

    Patients shouldn't have to wait on hold when they need care. E-booking allows patients to conveniently book appointments without the hassle of calling the clinic



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