Using rules that you define, allow patients to book and manage their own appointments.


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Seamless EMR Integration

Appointments booked in the Portal are automatically added to your EMR schedule and vise versa

  • One click approval/rejection process
  • Corresponding portal availabilities are removed when appointments are booked into the EMR
  • Appointment reminders automatically sent to patients
  • Easily cancel entire day of appointments and notify patients automatically

Customization & Flexibility

Designed for primary care, you can define a complex set of appointment types and booking rules that emulate your current booking process

  • Easily handles open access/advanced access or hybrid booking models
  • Supports granular per-patient permissions
  • Supports collaborative care environments
  • Create unlimited custom appointment types with filtering options
  • Create custom cancellation policy

Save Administrative Time

Allow your staff to focus on higher value clinical activities with the time saved by implementing our comprehensive e-booking solution

Improve Service Quality

Patients shouldn't have to wait on hold when they need care. E-booking allows patients to conveniently book appointments without the hassle of calling the clinic



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