A more convenient and organized way to manage clinical communications


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Efficient Workflow

We provide a flexible messaging system that supports clinical communication workflows

  • Create shared workgroups
  • Assign conversations to staff or workgroup
  • Comment on conversations internally
  • Get notified if patient messages are unread
  • Archive conversations
  • Send messages directly from EMR
  • Send files
  • Copy conversations to EMR

Controlled Communications

You decide which patients to invite and what level of access to grant them

  • Allow/restrict access on a per patient basis
  • Allow patients to upload files (optional)
  • Impose a character limit on patient messages
  • Send one-way messages
  • Customize a messaging disclaimer displayed to patients

Save Time

Like regular email, our secure email service is convenient and eliminates time consuming phone tag for you and your staff.

The built-in workflow and control features designed for a primary care context, ensure more efficient communications.

Improve Service Quality

No one likes a busy signal or waiting on hold, especially when seeking health care.

Your patients deserve the high level of access and service quality that we enable you to deliver with our Portal.



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