Mobile Check-In

Put check-in, in the hands of your patients



  • 1

    Proof Of Presence
    Once a patient arrives at your clinic, they will be prompted to either click the check-in link in their appointment reminder, or scan the check-in QR code displayed in the waiting room.

  • 2

    Check-In Tasks
    Once proof of presence is established, the patient will be prompted to update their demographic information and presented with any e-forms associated with their appointment. These will all be pushed into your EMR in real-time.

  • 3

    Ready To Be Seen
    Once the patient has completed their check-in tasks, they will be marked as "arrived" in the EMR and presented with custom instructions on what to do next.

  • Improve patient flow

    Improve the wait-room experience for your patients and staff by eliminating line-ups and administrative bottlenecks.

    Save Administrative Time

    Allow your staff to focus on higher value activities, while patients self-manage the check-in process.



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